BURNDY T3 Technology is a digital platform to TRACK TRACE TRANSMIT information related to the performance of the next gen BURNDY® battery operated tools. The app provides users the ability to see real time, critical crimping information when using BURNDY T3 tools. The user can comment on and map every crimp, as well as, view and create customized reports. This app provides a means to manage your BURNDY T3 battery tool roster and projects, receive notifications related to tool maintenance/diagnostics, and view important updates related to the tool, service, and software. Users can map locations of crimps, flag individual crimps with comments, and sync data to the cloud. A true management tool to help clearly report crimping throughout a project, from start to finish.

Need help with an installation ?

The Burndy Connect app helps you to identify suitable Burndy products for your needs and provides Installer information for installing and inspection Burndy products, as well as find a local sales representative to further assist you.

Brundy Connect