Does the new PAT750T3 allow a customer to track the tool if lost?

The GPS feature identifies the approximate location of each individual crimp (as long as a satellite line of sight is established). Once the GPS has an unobstructed line-of-sight, the tool will record each crimp within 2.5 square meters of its location.

Does the new PAT750T3 crimp all the same connectors as thePAT750?

Yes, it will crimp all of the same BURNDY connectors as the PAT 750.

How do you know when a crimp is complete in the field?

It will make it distinctive POP-off sound, plus a new LED light indicator (green for good and red for bad), will confirm the crimp completion.

If I use my tool to perform crimps, will the crimps be recorded even if I am not connected to a mobile device at the time?

Yes, your tool has a chip that records all crimps.

How does the tool determine a good crimp and failed crimp?

The tool measures the pressure, PSI force, necessary to complete a good crimp. A failed crimp indicates that the proper amount of pressure to achieve a good crimp was not reach.

Can I still jog the ram to hold the connector in place without triggering a failed crimp?


Who do I call if I have questions concerning the operation of the new PAT750T3?

Please call our Technical Service Department. The PAT750T3 operates the same as our PAT750. We improved this tool with smart technology, improved its ergonomics, and added several new features.

Who do I call if I have trouble registering a PAT750T3 tool?

First, review the Quick Start Guide and make sure your mobile device is Bluetooth is enabled. Also, please check to see if your tool battery is charged and advance the tool ram by pressing the trigger to make sure it is operating. Follow steps of the Quick Start Guide. Go to the menu and click on the info tab for additional help. You can also call Technical Service during regular business hours.